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Anonymity has never been this fun.

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Anonymity has never been this fun.
Like to write about Naruto and his world? Enjoy fanfiction challenges?
Then you're in the right place!

Each month, a new meme is released (e.g. a kink meme, a fluff meme, an AU meme). For an entire month, you can then anonymously supply prompts you would like to see written. You can also anonymously fill prompts that others have written.

This community is a place to write freely and creatively, stretch your imagination, try something new and feel good about it.


How many prompts can I post or fill?
As many as you want! We just ask that try to fill as many prompts as you post, so that more prompts can be filled each month. There's also no limit to the number of fills a prompt can have, so fill and fill again!

How long will prompts be accepted on a current meme?
Please only request prompts for the current month. Previous monthly memes can still be filled, so keep an eye on those for a little while.

Do I have to remain anonymous?
This is an anonymous writing community, so prompts and replies should be given anonymously. However, if you really like what you've written and want to de-anon yourself by posting it on fanfiction.net or your own blog, go right ahead!
In the rare occasions that someone wants to fill a post with a link or graphic, and your anonymous comment is screened, simply contact a mod. We will make sure it gets posted correctly.

Can you turn off that annoying captcha?
Because this is an anonymous meme, we've had problem with spambots in the past. Turning on captcha is the best jutsu we have against spam.

What kind of content is allowed/not allowed in a prompt or fill?
Please stay within the theme of the current meme. Other than that, prompts are open to interpretation. We don't censor content, so let your creativity shine.
If you, as a writer, have written something graphic or triggering, please leave a warning at the top of your fill. That way, nobody is unpleasantly surprised.
For organizational purposes, please put character/pairing or keywords in the subject line of a prompt.

What kind of content is allowed/not allowed in a reply to a fill?
If you leave a prompt, be sure to watch it, so you know when it's filled. A simple thank you or a little positive feedback to the anon who filled it is always a nice touch! 'Even if you didn't request it, if you like it, say so! A little love goes a long way.
However, seconding (i.e. "Ooh! I'd love to see this, too!"), claiming ("I'll write this as soon as I get home!") kink-shaming, character/ship-bashing, or bullying of any kind will be immediately deleted as soon as a mod sees it.

Is Concrit allowed?
Constructive criticism is allowed ONLY if the person who fills the prompt explicitly asks for it. This is a meme about encouraging others and having fun. Writers, if you are interested in concrit, say so in your fill.
Prompters and repliers, if the writer doesn't want it, don't write it.

I would like to delete and re-post the fill I posted. Can I do that?
Yes. Simply re-post your fill, and then PM one of the mods to have your original fill deleted.

What should I do if there's a technical problem, I witness bullying or I want to make a suggestion?
If you have any issues at all, PM either anat_astarte or 0mega19x. We're always happy to help!


Want to be one? PM one of the mods!


This meme was created by kalliel. It's now run by the moderators anat_astarte and 0mega19x, using the mod account, modpuppet. :)

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