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Versus Meme
modpuppet wrote in naruto_meme
We're posting September's prompt up a day early to give you a jump-start on the competition! Because...
it's the Versus Meme!

+ Pick a character/pairing, any character/pairing you want.
+ Pick a competitive scenario - i.e.: 'Kakashi enters Pakkun in the Konoha Dog Show.' 'Naruto vs Sasuke - the epic battle finally happens!' or 'The Sannin play Strip Poker' Anything that puts one person against another, against the clock, against the environment, etc., goes.

+ Your post most be ANONYMOUS.
+ For organizational purposes, please post prompt pairings/keywords in the subject of your comment.
+ Play nice. This should be fun for ALL.
+ For every request you make try to fill out AT LEAST one request. Give and you shall receive (and the meme shall live on!).
+ Do not CLAIM prompts. Any given prompts can be filled infinitely, so you needn't claim the one you're writing, out of fear someone else will write for it as well. The more the merrier!
+ Make sure to watch the threads you start, so you'll know when your request has been filled/if any anon has replied asking for a clarification of your prompt.
+ Feel free to rec this far and wide!

* PLEASE DO NOT "SECOND" PROMPTS. SECONDING INEVITABLY LEADS TO FICS NOT GETTING WRITTEN. 'Seconded' comments will be deleted. No questions asked.

If you have any questions or concerns, please LJ message one of the new mods (thisl0ser0mega19x or anat_astarte) not [info]modpuppet !

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Stiff Competition 2/3

Dimly, Kakashi thought he ought to complain about the teeth digging into the junction between his neck and his shoulder. Then again, there was nothing in the rules to prevent any attention there, and the hint of pain simply felt too good. Yet another thing Naruto had an uncanny talent at sniffing out.

Naruto bit down harder, eliciting a whine from Kakashi's throat and a spreading of Kakashi's knees. Not that they could spread much farther with the way Naruto knelt between them. The relentless pounding in his backside made sure of that, but the momentary deepening of the penetration created stars in front of his eyes.

Kakashi didn't need to look down to know that his cock was rock hard and dribbling steadily. It was a strange feeling being so aroused without a single hand or touch to his member, and if he could have worked one of his arms free, he would have resolved that deficit a long time ago.

As it was, the build-up was slower and more subtle, but he could already feel it taking him higher than most other times.

Sometime along the line, Kakashi realized that he had started panting in tandem with Naruto. Out when Naruto pushed in, and in when Naruto pulled out. Naruto's breath fanned hotly against the back of Kakashi's mask, a tiny growl with nearly every exhale. And the teeth kept worrying Kakashi's flesh, and Kakashi loved it almost more than the surprisingly thorough strokes inside his ass.

Naruto had to be quite close himself now, judging from the trembling above Kakashi. Nonetheless, he never failed in his rhythm.

To be honest, it was maddening. Kakashi wanted to palm his cock so badly that he was starting to jerk against Naruto's hold on him whenever he forgot himself. Pushing back in concert with Naruto's efforts helped a bit, but in the end it only made his problem worse because of the deeper penetration.

“Come on, sensei,” Naruto was mumbling in between bites to Kakashi's neck, “you can do it!”

Kakashi surmised the second part was more Naruto talking to himself than to Kakashi, but then thoughts fled again. He buried his face in the pillow and shuddered at the hard bites all across the back of his neck and his shoulders, and tried in vain not to forget that he wasn't allowed to use his arms. The build-up was reaching downright uncomfortable proportions, and if he couldn't come like, right now, he was going to go insane.

He didn't know when pleas started falling mindlessly from his mouth, moaning along with Naruto's equally mindless encouragement, a mantra of desperate ecstasy. Naruto's hands were tightening more and more around his wrists, long fingernails digging into Kakashi's skin as the thrusts grew ever more brutal. And Kakashi loved it, because he was too far gone to feel anything with 'tame' in the description and wanted to bite and howl and scream himself.

The moments before his release were wide-eyed and frozen as he finally felt the coil spiral out of control. It was almost frightening to feel something deep inside himself bloom all of a sudden, but the sharp bite right on top of his spine shattered the last of the barriers.

The orgasm surged over him with a force that left nothing where it had been. He convulsed and clawed and keened, and he shoved himself so far up Naruto's cock that he thought he was going to burst. And yet it still wasn't enough so that he writhed and snarled and barely kept his scream soundless.

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