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Versus Meme
modpuppet wrote in naruto_meme
We're posting September's prompt up a day early to give you a jump-start on the competition! Because...
it's the Versus Meme!

+ Pick a character/pairing, any character/pairing you want.
+ Pick a competitive scenario - i.e.: 'Kakashi enters Pakkun in the Konoha Dog Show.' 'Naruto vs Sasuke - the epic battle finally happens!' or 'The Sannin play Strip Poker' Anything that puts one person against another, against the clock, against the environment, etc., goes.

+ Your post most be ANONYMOUS.
+ For organizational purposes, please post prompt pairings/keywords in the subject of your comment.
+ Play nice. This should be fun for ALL.
+ For every request you make try to fill out AT LEAST one request. Give and you shall receive (and the meme shall live on!).
+ Do not CLAIM prompts. Any given prompts can be filled infinitely, so you needn't claim the one you're writing, out of fear someone else will write for it as well. The more the merrier!
+ Make sure to watch the threads you start, so you'll know when your request has been filled/if any anon has replied asking for a clarification of your prompt.
+ Feel free to rec this far and wide!

* PLEASE DO NOT "SECOND" PROMPTS. SECONDING INEVITABLY LEADS TO FICS NOT GETTING WRITTEN. 'Seconded' comments will be deleted. No questions asked.

If you have any questions or concerns, please LJ message one of the new mods (thisl0ser0mega19x or anat_astarte) not [info]modpuppet !

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kushina & minato in a drinking game

just. please?
feel free to make it au, or ninja!verse, i don't really care. bonus points if minato loses miserably because we all know that kick-ass kushina is much more likely to hold her liquor than the yellow flash.

Re: kushina & minato in a drinking game

"You cheated," Minato accuses as he leans uncertainly on his elbow, one finger extended towards Kushina.

The redhead on the opposite side of the small circular table smiles innocently. “I don’t know what you’re talking about dear.”

“Yes you do,” Minato replies, slightly slurring his words. “You planned this. You did something. There’s no way you can be this good at drinking.”

“I think somebody’s having a hard time accepting the fact that they’re about to lose,” Kushina sing-songs, a cheery, also maniacal grin plastered across her face.

“I am not about to lose!” Minato roars. He jumps to his feet only to lose his balance and come crashing down onto his side, just barely missing cracking his head open on the table.

Kushina howls, her hands gripping her sides tight to prevent them from splitting from the force of her raucous laughter.

A minute later, her laughter finally under control and her tears wiped away, she crawls over to Minato. “How are you feeling?”

“Like the world is spinning,” Minato mutters into the floor.

“That’s just the alcohol,” she says as she gently runs her fingers through her boyfriend’s hair.

Minato releases a groan that is half pain, half contentment, as his eyes slip shut. “You win,” he murmurs to the floor.


“The drinking contest. You win.”

Kushina smirks. “Of course I win dumbass – I’m the only one who isn’t nearly unconscious.”

Minato mumbles something unintelligible, his eyes remaining firmly shut. Kushina smiles fondly down at the big bad Yellow Flash and marvels at the man’s inability to hold his liquor. She also marvels at his audacity, thinking he could beat an Uzumaki in a drinking contest when her clan use to be renowned for having hollow legs. Not to mention she is a Jinchuriki, blessed with a double-dose of tolerance to alcohol. And finally, she is herself, Kushina Uzumaki, who would never allow herself to lose to anyone – especially hyped up pretty-boys like her darling Minato Namikaze.

not OP

Awesome! I like your Kushina. She's got that same kind of self confidence that Naruto has.

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