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Naruto Writing Memes

Anonymity has never been this fun.

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Got suggestions for prompts? We would love to see them!
modpuppet wrote in naruto_meme
Hiya! This is a TEST post! Please do not comment here until the mission is deemed a success by your team captains mods.
The mods' A-rank mission here is to see if we can assemble all member prompt suggestions into one central location.

If successful, this post will be barely noticeable and moving swiftly by and take its proper position in the comm archives.

Edit: Mission status: SUCCESS!

Ok everyone, the next phase of this mission is a GO!!

Got a few favorite themes, genres, styles, or characters you want to add to the growing list of prompts? A few favorite ones that were already featured that you want to see again? Now’s your chance! Comment to this post and let us know what prompts you’d like to see!


Aug 19 edit: Wow, you are all amazing! These are fantastic prompts, you all rock! All of these will definately be included in upcoming memes, please keep them coming!

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I personally love *-punk themes! We don't have to have to pick any one specifially, in fact maybe leaving it open might be more fun!

Punk Genres:

Cyberpunk | Steampunk | Biopunk | Nanopunk
Atompunk | Clockpunk | Dieselpunk | Silkpunk

I think each of these have their own entry on Wiki, but here's a link that seems to have some info on these and more!

But wouldn't all of that be AU, only more restrictive?

Yes these are all within the scope of AU. I thought it might be helpful to remind or introduce people to these subgenres the next time the comm has an AU month since I haven't seen any of these here in a while. I didn't know about these subgenres myself until I learned about them through a multifandom meme not all that long ago. :D

Not to worry, these ideas are intended to help expand ideas for the AU prompt, not restrict them :D

From my pal nimblnymph:

Just a suggestion on the prompt generating ideas: try not to do just one word prompts. Mix it up a little by providing first/last sentences, or offer a thematic prompt or something.

Also offer different levels of difficulty. Basic level had a one/two word prompt, intermediate had to do that prompt plus a thematic one, and advanced had to do the first two as well as a conceptual one. It made things very interesting.

Edited at 2011-08-14 11:19 pm (UTC)

Have we had prompts where the words (3-5, or maybe more for higher difficulty) in the prompt have to be in the fic?


So that it doesn't get lost in the transfer from the 'welcome'- thread to this prompt-thread: a Crossover-meme would be all kinds of awesome!

You know, the one sentence fill meme was a blast, but there were a few that I'd have liked to see as full fics.

Could we have a meme like that? Use one of the sentece fills from the previous meme as a prompt? Or more general use a previous fill from any meme as a prompt? Sort of a remix the fills meme.

Anon is filled with ideas. Some of them may be good.

how about an icon meme? The person posts a livejournal icon, or even a series of icons, and the fic is created based on what's on that icon.

Or a time prompt. Along with a character or pairing, a time of day is given, and the fic has to relate to that time of day. Saw this kind of '24-hour theme' once in a livejournal contest based for Yugioh, and it had some pretty awesome little ficlets.

Or a genre meme, combining with the person who mentioned a 'punk' meme further up. Along with a character or pairing, add a genre. Could be Naru/Sasu - Steampunk. Or Kakashi/Gai - Drama. Or Sasuke - angst (boy, that one was cliche, wasn't it...)

I agree with everyone so far on the crossover/AU. Those are totally awesome!

And to add to the AU, it might be cool to have a 'real-world AU' prompt. Like all the fics have to take place in the real world settings. That could mean anything from Team 7 high school fics to Deidara becoming the latest intern at Akatsuki Corp.

Maybe when January hits, something like a New Year's Resolution meme. Pick a character/pairing and add their New Year's Resolution. Fic should involve them doing that resolution - something like... Naruto resolves to finally become the Hokage or Kakashi resolves to finally show Iruka his face.

Re: Anon is filled with ideas. Some of them may be good.

I love all of these! Very awesome, thank you!

Oooh, for a challenge - you should have a 'Dare you to make sense out of THIS!' meme. Each prompt should be something COMPLETELY RANDOM, like it doesn't belong. And they should make a story out of it.

No, I haven't been admiring the work of the mysterious 'GO' Anon for those misplaced prompts... why do you ask?

Totally seconding the complete randomness idea. That would be hilarious!

I'd like to see a versus prompt personally or a sequel Prompt

This is very interesting! Can you please elaborate for us so we all can understand this clearly? For example, what would a versus prompt look like?

Will there be a poll to decide the September meme or should we just "second" suggestions we like here on the post?

I don't think we will have time for polls, but all the prompts from this post and the last post will be used for upcoming memes, so what we need is as many different prompts as we can get. There are currently three active mods, so the mods will decide the order of the memes.

Three things meme because I really loved the three times meme. It'd be pretty similar, but with prompts like: three copies of Icha Icha Paradise Kakashi lost or three outfits Sakura bought to impress Sasuke or three lives Tsunade saved. You get the idea.

Should we leave it general, as in "three things meme" or make it specific to something like each of the prompts you have here? If we make it specific then it really limits all the writers to that specific prompt, but if we keep it general then we can get lots more of cool prompts in addition to the three you have suggested here. (All of these would be awesome as individual prompts for this meme!)

I was thinking general. The idea was that people think of a thing (or a living creature would be okay too, I guess) and then word the prompt with the thing as the focus. Those prompts I made in the previous comments were supposed to be examples for what a prompt in that meme could look like.

It is very similar to the three times meme, though, which is why I wasn't sure it was okay.

A couple of meme ideas -

The 'Are you pondering what I'm pondering?' meme. Prompts would pose a question, ostensibly one the requestor has wondered about - i.e., 'What's the real reason Kakashi's always late?' 'Shino - boxers or briefs?' 'Why does Sasuke wear that skirt?' 'Who carves the faces to create Hokage Monument?' - and responders would write a fic to explain/answer the question.

An 'underappreciated' or 'outside the box' meme - prompts would involve characters/pairings that the requestor doesn't see very often or has never seen, the idea being to get everyone stretching beyond their usual 'comfort zone'. This may not work so well because everyone tends to have a different opinion on what qualifies as uncommon, but if some sort of guidelines are laid down it might be fun.

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