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Versus Meme
modpuppet wrote in naruto_meme
We're posting September's prompt up a day early to give you a jump-start on the competition! Because...
it's the Versus Meme!

+ Pick a character/pairing, any character/pairing you want.
+ Pick a competitive scenario - i.e.: 'Kakashi enters Pakkun in the Konoha Dog Show.' 'Naruto vs Sasuke - the epic battle finally happens!' or 'The Sannin play Strip Poker' Anything that puts one person against another, against the clock, against the environment, etc., goes.

+ Your post most be ANONYMOUS.
+ For organizational purposes, please post prompt pairings/keywords in the subject of your comment.
+ Play nice. This should be fun for ALL.
+ For every request you make try to fill out AT LEAST one request. Give and you shall receive (and the meme shall live on!).
+ Do not CLAIM prompts. Any given prompts can be filled infinitely, so you needn't claim the one you're writing, out of fear someone else will write for it as well. The more the merrier!
+ Make sure to watch the threads you start, so you'll know when your request has been filled/if any anon has replied asking for a clarification of your prompt.
+ Feel free to rec this far and wide!

* PLEASE DO NOT "SECOND" PROMPTS. SECONDING INEVITABLY LEADS TO FICS NOT GETTING WRITTEN. 'Seconded' comments will be deleted. No questions asked.

If you have any questions or concerns, please LJ message one of the new mods (thisl0ser0mega19x or anat_astarte) not [info]modpuppet !

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Re: Itachi vs Sasuke, brothers playful fighting

I'm not sure how well this drabble matches your prompt, but I hope you like it :)


"The front portion of the Yamanakas' flower shop"

Well, that was an accident.

"The butcher's week-long supply of beef and pork burnt to a crisp"

At least his customers don't need to spend time cooking the meat they buy, right?

"Ichiraku Ramen had to be rebuilt"

He sees Iruka's small handwriting in the letter his father puts on the table, coupled with several lines in Naruto's untidy scrawl at the bottom, featuring an impressive array of swear words he must have learned during his journeys with Jiraiya.

"All the trees in the park dead and gone".

The letter is filled with Sakura's neat writing this time, and signed by the Hokage herself.

Sasuke cleared his throat. He wasn't the only one involved in the... what was it, ah, 'complete and utter disrespect for the environment and safety of the villagers' (as dictated by the Hokage), 'deprived us citizens of Konoha of ramen for a week, that f***in' idiotic brothers (that line was the least insulting one, to say the least) and 'lack of discipline portrayed by the scions of the established Uchiha clan and perhaps more training and a stint doing D-rank missions would instill a sense of responsibility in the boys' (a supposedly well meaning but probably filled with darker intentions note written by Yamanako Inoichi).

Instead of an eloquent defence filled with flowery prose and Shakespearean passion mixed with a dash of heartfelt remorse at his actions, what comes out of Sasuke's mouth is, "Indeed".

His father raises a brow and looks less than amused.

Sasuke does not feel a spark of fear. Seriously. He does not.

He thinks of his brother, who is currently away on a long mission and who therefore managed to avoid this particular confrontation. His thoughts also turn towards his traitorous team mates, who had been coming to his house for dinner but immediately hurried off when they saw Uchiha Fugaku standing at the gates to the Uchiha compound, looking murderous. They were probably at the newly refurbished Ichiraku Ramen stand right now, regaling Kakashi with stories about Sasuke's wayward adventures and the letters they had a hand in writing to his father.

"I'm sorry," he says finally. "It was merely a training session with nii-san. You know I've been trying to beat him since I was six. The collateral damage this time was much more than we had expected".

"A training session," his father repeated after a terrible silence.

"I'll pay for the damages with my pocket money," he hides his wince at the amount of money he'll have to withdraw from his account. Sakura and Naruto will have to pay for his meals for the next few years.

"Hmm... You'll have to help rebuild the Yamanaka shop, replant the trees in the park and, help out at the butcher's and ramen stand for a month," Fugaku says. "I'll get the Hokage to make it an official mission for your team".

Sasuke looked up in horror. "But that's..."

"D-ranked? I know. I'm sure Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura wouldn't mind"

Oh, they would mind. They would mind a lot.

"What about Itachi?" Sasuke gasps.

"Ah well, he's already an adult anyway. I can't really ground him by making him plant trees and do menial tasks. He'll be away for the next three months too, so we can't do anything about that".

Fugaku smirks, and Sasuke can hear Itachi's laughter in his head. Not trusting his voice, he bows and walks out of the room, heading for Team 7's training ground so that he can blow off some steam. Once his team mates hears about their new missions, they would definitely be wanting some revenge and here he would be, waiting for them.

But meanwhile...

"Itachiii... I'm going to kill yoooou..."


Somewhere in an undisclosed location, Itachi paused in the act of eating semi-burnt fish near a riverbank, and sneezed.

Re: Itachi vs Sasuke, brothers playful fighting


This is awesome. Pure Itachi! Convient he isn't in Konoha right now.
But seriously. The Hokage should know that the Uchiha Clan tends to set things on fire. It has been this way since the villages foundation.

Great fill, thanks

Re: Itachi vs Sasuke, brothers playful fighting

You're welcome. Glad you liked it ^^

not OP

Very funny! I really like how you write the father-son relationship here - you've got the old-fashioned apparently respectful child thing going, while still having it feel like the very difficult Sasuke.

Re: not OP

Thank you for your comment. I've always imagined that is the massacre hadn't occurred, Sasuke would most likely be somewhat of a spoilt child and Itachi would still taunt or challenge him to surpass him, and yet be quite an indulgent big brother.

Re: Itachi vs Sasuke, brothers playful fighting


Re: Itachi vs Sasuke, brothers playful fighting


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