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Versus Meme
modpuppet wrote in naruto_meme
We're posting September's prompt up a day early to give you a jump-start on the competition! Because...
it's the Versus Meme!

+ Pick a character/pairing, any character/pairing you want.
+ Pick a competitive scenario - i.e.: 'Kakashi enters Pakkun in the Konoha Dog Show.' 'Naruto vs Sasuke - the epic battle finally happens!' or 'The Sannin play Strip Poker' Anything that puts one person against another, against the clock, against the environment, etc., goes.

+ Your post most be ANONYMOUS.
+ For organizational purposes, please post prompt pairings/keywords in the subject of your comment.
+ Play nice. This should be fun for ALL.
+ For every request you make try to fill out AT LEAST one request. Give and you shall receive (and the meme shall live on!).
+ Do not CLAIM prompts. Any given prompts can be filled infinitely, so you needn't claim the one you're writing, out of fear someone else will write for it as well. The more the merrier!
+ Make sure to watch the threads you start, so you'll know when your request has been filled/if any anon has replied asking for a clarification of your prompt.
+ Feel free to rec this far and wide!

* PLEASE DO NOT "SECOND" PROMPTS. SECONDING INEVITABLY LEADS TO FICS NOT GETTING WRITTEN. 'Seconded' comments will be deleted. No questions asked.

If you have any questions or concerns, please LJ message one of the new mods (thisl0ser0mega19x or anat_astarte) not [info]modpuppet !

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Saudade vs Duty

Coincidentally I had started something that went along with this pretty well, the other day - I didn't really know what direction to have it take and this helped! P: I hope I got the theme correctly...
Contains OC; post-Shippunden.

Nara Takara had been standing next to her mother, Sabaku no Temari, for more than an hour now and was staring to get restless. Lifting her face up to gaze at the stern look taking over her mother's eyes, she wondered if her bad mood - although it wasn't actually bad, but more sad - had anything to do with the celebrations that were due for the whole day... the little girl liked this time of the year, it was one of those holidays were Konoha was all decorated and pretty, plus there were vendors and stalls with different games and food to try.

The only thing she didn't like were the tons of people that would arrive to the village, people coming from far away, and stay for a couple of days to enjoy the celebrations. Takara didn't complain too much about that though because, together with everyone else, she got to see her favorite uncle—something that didn't happen quite as much as she would have liked. The girl stayed quiet for that reason, choosing not to distract her mother as the older woman watched intently in the distance, ready to catch the very first glimpse of the Suna delegation making its way to the Gates.

A few moments later, the silence was broken, "They're here, Kara." said her mother as she lifted a calloused yet gentle hand to let it rest on top of her child's head, a sigh of relief passing her peach-colored lips; the little girl turned her eyes in the same direction, where the fairly large delegation coming from Kaze no Kuni was rapidly yet solemnly approaching them with the Kazakage up front, visage obscured by the triangular hat resting on top of his head.

Once the group stopped in front of Takara and her mother, the older woman exchanged some words with the girl's uncle so quietly no one could hear and then, Temari turned around grabbing Takara's hand and led the delegation through the decorated village and to the rooms that had been reserved for them.


Once Takara and Temari got home, the five year-old girl sat gingerly on her mother's knees trying to understand why she was so gloomy - it was very unlike the mom Takara was used to. "Mom?" she said, breaking the silence that lingered in the living room, "When can I go talk to Gaara-jii?"

Temari sighed and tried to smile, resting a hand on top of her daughter's head. "I'm afraid you'll have to wait 'till late this evening, Kara... this is a very special day for your uncle."

"Is he sad too?"

"Mm." replied her mother noncommittally.

"But isn't today the day we celebrate the end of the war...? —It's a happy holiday!" countered Takara, she just couldn't comprehend why every year during this specific celebration all the grwon-up people she knew (her parent's friends and not) had that sad and painful expression on their face.

"... It is a happy day, Kara," explained the older woman after a heartbeat of silence, "but it is also a day that reminds me, and your uncle and all our generation in general, of the day we lost a very precious friend to the war..."

"And he was friends with Gaara-jii too? That's why he's so sad?"

"Yes, Kara." her mother's smile was a little more genuine this time, "Gaara and Naruto were very close friends, he cared a lot about that blond idiot... and loosing him while he was holding him in his arms took a great tool on your uncle. He feels that weight constantly and on this day it becomes even more pronounced."


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