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Versus Meme
modpuppet wrote in naruto_meme
We're posting September's prompt up a day early to give you a jump-start on the competition! Because...
it's the Versus Meme!

+ Pick a character/pairing, any character/pairing you want.
+ Pick a competitive scenario - i.e.: 'Kakashi enters Pakkun in the Konoha Dog Show.' 'Naruto vs Sasuke - the epic battle finally happens!' or 'The Sannin play Strip Poker' Anything that puts one person against another, against the clock, against the environment, etc., goes.

+ Your post most be ANONYMOUS.
+ For organizational purposes, please post prompt pairings/keywords in the subject of your comment.
+ Play nice. This should be fun for ALL.
+ For every request you make try to fill out AT LEAST one request. Give and you shall receive (and the meme shall live on!).
+ Do not CLAIM prompts. Any given prompts can be filled infinitely, so you needn't claim the one you're writing, out of fear someone else will write for it as well. The more the merrier!
+ Make sure to watch the threads you start, so you'll know when your request has been filled/if any anon has replied asking for a clarification of your prompt.
+ Feel free to rec this far and wide!

* PLEASE DO NOT "SECOND" PROMPTS. SECONDING INEVITABLY LEADS TO FICS NOT GETTING WRITTEN. 'Seconded' comments will be deleted. No questions asked.

If you have any questions or concerns, please LJ message one of the new mods (thisl0ser0mega19x or anat_astarte) not [info]modpuppet !

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Uchiha Staring Contest (p.2)

It wasn't until a particular group of shinobi arrived in Konoha, that someone from the youngest generation of chunnin really looked to have a fair chance of having their face in THE Hall. That group was a three-men cell led by a jounin sensei and it was composed of: Sabaku no Temari, Kankurou and Gaara plus Baki (no one knew the man's family name).

They had arrived the day before the Uchiha Staring Contest and had been on the mouths of every citizen... the ones who were thought to be the best off to succeed had been the young woman with the four pony-tails and the huge fan and the short redhead with the gourd strapped to his back - they both looked like they didn't put up with any sort of crap coming from anybody, and people would swear they had seen one of the huge trees so common in Konoha wither under Gaara's gaze.

Temari had ended up against Itachi and had held onto those black eyes (the Sharingan was obviously banned) steadfast, completely ignoring the audience around the small stage that had been prepared for the two contestants... the woman had also had the guts - and the cheek, considering it was the Uchiha prodigy she was facing - to strike up some light conversation with the raven haired shinobi. Surprisingly enough, Itachi had been rather talkative, for a change, and that would have been enough to grant Temari a place in the Hall, but unfortunately Kankurou had had the great idea of playing tag (ninja tag, of course) with Kiba and Akamaru and, trying to escape from the dog's massive jaws that had been dangerously near his crotch, he had ended up crushing into the stage and into his sister who couldn't dodge.

Kankurou didn't manage to walk properly for quite some time after that.

Gaara, on the other hand, had confronted Sasuke. That had been a Staring Contest at all... more like Death-Glaring Contest... and there was an empty circle around the small stage on top of which the two teens were - there were a few bodies lying in the vicinity: people who had dared getting a closer look to the match but had died/fainted due to the sheer killing intent seeping out of the contestants' bodies.

When people were asked to retell how that match ended... well, most would shudder in utter terror: the two ninja had went on with their death-glaring death-match for seventy-two hours.

Yes, that's right, seventy-two hours—I'm not pulling your leg nor have you read incorrectly.

The two had continued to stare at each other for three days straight - without talking, without stretching (both had sat with their arms crossed). without eating (though they drank) and without shifting their gazes even of half an inch... oh, and let's not forget that killing intent oozing off of them.

Why they let that contest go on so long if the record to defeat was forty-seven hours, you may ask. That's as simple as it is stupid: everyone had been either 1) afraid of stepping up 2) laughing maniacally (but secretly) behind the boys' backs or 3) had just forgotten they were still at it.

In the end, it was declared a tie - still a first in the history of the Uchiha Staring Contest - and Gaara's picture had been placed into the 'Hall of the People who Can Withstand an Uchiha Stare' and alongside it - with honors and a special mention for having made Itachi actually say more that a couple phrases in sequence - was Temari's.

Not OP

That was hilarious! I loved your little authorial commentaries [ex. "That's as simple as it is stupid: everyone had been either 1) afraid of stepping up 2) laughing maniacally (but secretly) behind the boys' backs or 3) had just forgotten they were still at it."] and the "history" behind the contest was great too.


I just noticed a couple of mistakes, oh well... ^^;

Anyway, thank you!! :3
I certainly had fun writing it so I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! ^_^

Not op

This is brilliant :)


Thank you! :D

Re: Uchiha Staring Contest (p.2)- OP here

OMG, that's GREAT!!! No, it's better than great. It's HILARIOUS!!!


Thanks, OP!! ^-^
I'm really glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.
And thank you for posting this prompt! C:

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